Translation of the EU acquis, Montenegrin legislation and other EU-accession related documents

PODGORICA, 15 March 2017 - EU Ambassador to Montenegro, Aivo Orav, spoke today at the closing of the project “Translation of the EU acquis, Montenegrin legislation and other EU-accession related documents“. Ambassador Orav's remarks is available below.


  • Today, we are closing an EU-funded project which supported Montenegro in translating part of the EU legislation and other relevant documents, and which created a sustainable basis for further translation process related to your country's accession to the Union.
  • The first phase was successfully completed with the translation of primary legislation and a large proportion of secondary legislation. With more than 50 translators engaged on this demanding task, almost 17,000 pages were translated in the framework of this project and I wish to congratulate everyone involved.
  • As you know, every country wishing to join the EU must align its national legislation with the EU legislation. For these EU rules to be applied effectively, they must be understood properly by the competent state bodies of Montenegro in charge of their subsequent implementation. This is where the importance of translation comes into play.
  • The EU legislation presently comprises some 160,000 pages, with an average annual increase of 3,000 to 5,000 pages. Thanks to this project, for which the EU has provided almost 150,000 Euros, Montenegro has made a step forward in this regard and we are proud to be able to help the Montenegrin public administration in this demanding task.
  • But our support does not stop here. The EU is also financing the translation of additional 30,000 pages of EU legislation in the amount of 300,000 Euros. This will be an excellent opportunity for all qualified and experienced translators in Montenegro to contribute to the process.
  • And while the EU support to this translation process is quite substantial – almost half a million Euros – in terms of the total cost of this process, it is only "the tip of the iceberg", with a massive workload of approximately 115,000 pages which remain to be translated.
  • However, EU funds alone are not sufficient to cover the entire cost of this process. It is therefore essential that the Government maintain commitment and secure its own funds from the state budget for this purpose.

Ladies and gentlemen,

  • EU rules are important and they must be effectively enforced. Their correct and precise professional translation will help Montenegro in better preparing itself for the future membership of the EU.
  • Thank you.