Statement of the EU Delegation regarding the recent events in Podgorica

We have been following closely the events in Podgorica during the last few days. We expect all concerned to show restraint and respect the law. In particular, we call on all political actors to proceed with a constructive dialogue within democratic institutions and processes. In the light of the above, we welcome the current initiative for a renewed political dialogue within the Parliament.

While demonstrators should respect the law and refrain from violence, excessive use of force by the authorities is also unacceptable. At the same time, freedom of expression is a fundamental right. Journalists should act professionally and enjoy freedom to perform their duties unimpeded. The Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro is concerned about the apprehension of two journalists and the attack on the premises of TV PINK M, which resulted in the injury of one journalist. The authorities should now thoroughly investigate these incidents, in line with the principles of rule of law.